Key to Me is on temporary hiatus until the pandemic is over.

Before many people would ask what Atideinu does, they would ask, “How do you pronounce it?” or “Can you spell it, please?” You only have one chance to make a great first impression, and we were missing an important opportunity. We needed a name that hinted at what we do.

“Key to Me” more easily conveys how our program unlocks the potential in children and gives them the keys to be their best self.

What’s behind the new name?

A couple of meaningful metaphors helped us come up with “Key to Me.” The first was a car. The second was a gate.

Learning to Drive (Our Selves)

We aren’t born with keen social and emotional skills. We have to be taught them, study them, learn them, practice them. It’s like learning to drive a car.

Driving Your CarConducting Your Self
Driving is not a skill we’re born with.When born, we have no social and emotional skills. We need to learn them.
We learn much of what we know about driving by observing when we’re a passenger.When we’re very young we learn much of our social and emotional skills by observing the people around us.
Once we’re old enough and we decide that we want to drive, we first study the rules of the road so that we know how to behave and what kind of behavior to expect from others.In life, understanding what is and what is not socially appropriate in different settings is critical.
You can’t drive a car unless you have the unique key that unlocks the ignition.Each person has a unique set of qualities, strengths, talents and abilities. Those are the keys that can unlock their potential to achieve great things over their lifetime.
To drive we must know about the car’s features – like the gas pedal, brakes, turning signals, mirrors, and hazard lights. What is each for? When and how are they used? Each vehicle is a little different, so we get familiar with the specific car that we’re driving.Awareness of our key strengths and abilities is the first step toward using them effectively to accomplish things.
Drive under harsh weather conditions takes special effort. We also need to learn to navigate tricky situations – like merging onto a busy highway or parallel parking.Our personal strengths and abilities will help us meet life’s challenges. We exercise our social and emotional skills so that we’re strong in the face of adversity.
We alone are responsible for the operation of the vehicle, so it is crucial that we understand how it works, the rules of the road.We alone are responsible for our own behavior, so it is crucial that we have strong social and emotional skills.
To get to where we want to go, we need to know the route we’ll take.Setting goals for ourselves and figure out how we’re going to achieve those goals will help us accomplish what we set out to do.

Unlocking the Gate

Duties of the Heart speaks of ten gates of wisdom. To enter a gate we must work on ourselves to attain mastery of body, mind, and spirit. That very personal inner work is each person’s key to unlocking the gate and actualizing his or her immense potential to partner with G-d in the ongoing creation of our world.

At Key to Me, children begin the journey of acquiring the keys of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. As they master these skills and strategies they will thrive and contribute positively to their relationships, their careers, and their communities.